Divine Institute of Media Science (DiMS)

Divine Institute of Media Science - DiMS Muringoor, Thrissur

Divine Institute of Media Science or DiMS is envisaged and executed under the leadership of the Vincentian fathers to impart value based technical education in Digital Media Science. Even though the digital revolution has resulted in vast developmental changes in the media sector, the changes were confined mainly to technology and the content part has unfortunately shown a marked deterioration in quality. DiMS aims to bridge this gap by molding media professionals capable of prophetic communication. The Curriculum at DiMS envisages to mould value based media professionals capable of mass communication aimed at the greater good of the society. These professionals will be instilled with the qualities of a researcher and a critic during the course and shall be guided by academically outstanding teachers and guaranteed hands-on training in TV channels. With a clear vision and a well-planned mission, DiMS aims to grow into the best digital media institute in India.

Academic Programmes

As a student in this digital media institution, the students explore traditional disciplines, develop a strong commitment to research and critical analysis, and create and develop media, perhaps transcending traditional formats. DiMS media degree programs integrate the study of media theory and management with production practices. Through all these various programs they learn to work across media formats, theories, and methodologies, seeking the right "tools for the task," whether that task is academic, creative, or professional. A wide range of onsite courses provide many options to fit their personal schedule also.
The school offers an inclusive view of media studies and welcomes competent applicants for all undergraduate majors. Students here are mature and motivated individuals who demonstrate a clear vision and potential for original thinking and work. All media course programs are based on solid history and focus, which assist students in developing a critical understanding of today's mediated culture. In addition, students inculcate the skills to produce media in a variety of forms and genres. The vibrant neighborhood of Chalakudy and the multiculturalism of Cochin City, are all at the doorstep of Media School that provides the media science & students with an ideal laboratory for their research.
DiMS the best digital media college in Cochin- appreciate your interest in our programs in Media Science and welcome applicants from all walks of life who are eager to gain theoretical and practical expertise to reach their goals in the vast ocean of digital media.


B.A.Multimedia Communication(BMMC)
3 Years (6 Sem.)


Bachelor In Visual Communication.
3 Years (6 Sem.)


B.A Mass Communication & Journalism
3 Years (6 Sem.)


B.A. Film And Television
3 Years (4 Sem.)