About Our Media College


Fr. Augustine Vallooran VC

Divine Institute of Media Science is envisaged to grow as one of the finest institutions not only in India but also abroad. The trials and tribulations involved in ensuring that our young students make a niche for themselves in the art and craft of film-making and various technical domains is a very rewarding experience. We are indeed indebted to all our august faculty members, visiting professors and members of the cinematic and TV industry for their keen interest and support to our students. A special thanks to our international faculty for their willingness for regular knowledge-exchange. Top Indian and International experts, shall man the Institute and share their knowledge with the students on a regular basis. We welcome all our new students and hope to share a good time together in serious learning of the art and intricacies of film-making and associated technologies.


Fr. Paul Puthuva VC

Divine Institute of Media Science is one of the leading Media Colleges in Kerala. The students of DIMS are getting ample opportunities to excel in the arena of media. Our college has the strong support of two broadcasting channels- Goodness and Divine Vision. We focus on the overall development of the students and its aim is to mold responsible media persons of tomorrow. The students are being taught here with social commitment and dedication. We are providing an overall training for the entire growth of the students. Our students are getting a lot of opportunities to take part in various media fest and exhibit their talents in various media platforms. We are very proud to say that DIMS College has engraved its name in golden scripts among various Media Colleges in India. Students are studying here from different parts of India apart from caste, creed and religion and they are getting a homily atmosphere over here.


Fr. Tomy Punnassery VC

Divine Institute of Media Science is intended to create a new culture in the Media World and to foster value based Media awareness to our students and to the society at large. DIMS are envisaged to grow as one of the finest institutions not only in India but also in all other nations of the world. The institution has got a universal vision and outlook which is conducive to the needs of the modern world of science and technologies. We have a dream to achieve and we are in the pursuit of achieving it though trials and tribulations involved in attaining it. DIMS invite you all to fly in its golden wings and to conquer the untouched realms of Media world. We welcome all our staff and students and all the aspiring minds to share a good time together in serious learning of the art and techniques of film-making, TV Production, Mass Media Communication and its associated technologies..

Divine Institute of Media Science - DiMS Muringoor, Thrissur

Divine Institute of Media Science or DiMS is envisaged and executed under the leadership of the Vincentian fathers to impart value based technical education in Digital Media Science. Even though the digital revolution has resulted in vast developmental changes in the media sector, the changes were confined mainly to technology and the content part has unfortunately shown a marked deterioration in quality. DiMS aims to bridge this gap by molding media professionals capable of prophetic communication. The Curriculum at DiMS envisages to mould value based media professionals capable of mass communication aimed at the greater good of the society. These professionals will be instilled with the qualities of a researcher and a critic during the course and shall be guided by academically outstanding teachers and guaranteed hands-on training in TV channels. With a clear vision and a well-planned mission, DiMS aims to grow into the best digital media institute in India.

The essential relationship between media theory and media practice, respect for aesthetic, critical, and pragmatic dimensions of communication, recognition of the specific qualities of and relationships between various media forms, attention to the ethical imperatives of communication throughout the world, appreciation of the ways in which media theory and media practice can contribute to intercultural global understanding, acknowledgment of today's challenging marketplace conditions, openness to change and innovation, all form the basis of education at DiMS. Currently, we offer degree programmes in digital media studies under the guidance of dedicated and professionally qualified teachers from the visual media, and the working media professionals.

Vision & Mission

Divine Institute of Media Science is a centre of excellence by producing talented media professionals with strong human values.

To transform young men and women into technically competent, socially committed and morally upright media professionals to meet global standards.


CORONAT OPERA BONA (Goodness Crowns the Effort)