Diploma Programmes


Advanced Program in Audio Mixing and Mastering

Continuing on from the concepts and lessons presented in Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools, this advanced course provides students with a deeper understanding of mixing and mastering tools and techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of styles.

Advanced Program in Film Editing

Film editing programs include courses that prepare students to edit video footage that may be used for commercials, documentaries, television shows and films.

Foundation in Digital Photography & Videography

Light! Camera! and Click! You can capture the world around you and change them to your world of imagination. This course will teach you to recognize photographic devices and learn the trade to do the best photo shoot of your dearest stuff.

Foundation in Graphics Designing

Graphic Designing is a blend of innovation and inventiveness that uses visuals to communicate a message to an audience. Graphic Designer splendidly make a visual of their thoughts and ideas to convey message. Graphic Designers foster visual ideas to pass on message.